What You Get

No Surprise Extras, the price quoted includes all of below:

  • The aerial photography service consists of Airtake Photo personnel firstly being on site for two hours. We photograph your project from different angles, heights and with different variances. You are likely to receive beuro symboletween 20-40 photos.
  • You can view and direct the aerial photography session by joining our team in the Control area if you wish.
  • All the aerial photos taken on the day will be given to you on a CD/USB for you to use as much as you would like.
  • There will normally be two people on site which speeds up the process and ensures you get value for money and optimum efficiency.
  • Photoshopping on all photos will be carried out and a more extensive photo shop service will be carried out on your favorite photo if required.
  • We usually request gps co ordinates or other location details initially of your project – this allows us plan your photography shoot. Before arriving on site we will know the best angles to shoot from, set up areas, sun positioning etc.
  • We will give you the best advice we can to ensure every aspect of your aerial photography shoot is thought through thoroughly.
  • We have one of the highest masts in the country – at 26 metres, we can capture pictures that will make your project stand out!

 We do not charge for:

  • We do not charge for the after use of the photos – you will receive all photos in digital format, in full resolution without a water mark and without any use restrictions. There is no limit to what you can do with your photos.
  • We do not charge for extra set ups – we are on site for two hours, we will comprehensively photograph as many suitable angles of the property / project as possible.

Air Take Photography is for those who need to see the bigger picture, using our revolutionary new aerial photography system.